59_img_4811 buidlingsmural
60_plastic curtain-16x20
61_steam-portrait man-with-daschund-2
62_img_3592 bluefabric1
63_b2 circledoor
64_p1000949 turflightbox
65_mg_6801 bluestripejacketsteam
66_mg_6877 steamportraitpajama
67_p1000373 geodomemural
68_mg_6236 steamportraitteddybear
69_img_4798 stairway-to-the-future
70_dsc_7869 striped-hat-in-steam
71_nature mapslung
72_red-bore hole-cover
73_mg_6223 redhairdreadssteam
74_mg_6370 steamportraitwomaninwhite
75_fake treetrunk
76_bombing rangeretouched
77_mg_5628 white-einstein
78_lava bubble-print
79_img_0430 einsteins-head-black
80_mg_6380 shakygroundsteamportraits
81_mg_7178 sign-of-house1973
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Future Perfect entails a photographic sweep of three peculiarly evocative sites where human intervention and land use are exploring the quality and state of futurity. A Las Vegas desert preserve that provides a vision for a sustainable future, Biosphere 2 experimental tracts in Oracle, Arizona, and Iceland’s geothermal landscapes are worlds apart from each other, but become perfect foils to imagine what the landscapes of the future might look like. The photographs establish unexpected but compelling resonances that distill and display our hopes, perceptions and misunderstandings of nature, and suggest both the potential and pitfalls of our future on earth. Natal portrays these sites as indications of our future, illuminating the present moment and the choices we have yet to make. FUTURE PERFECT invites and provokes opportunities for reflection and analysis, while examining the global interconnectedness of such strong, yet ultimately fragile landscapes.

The photographs are at once extreme and provocative, bringing together aesthetic and scientific impulses to embrace a wide range of contemporary concerns—including the relationships between landscape and ideology, human response and responsibility to natural environments, Her work invites and provokes opportunities for reflection and analysis, and poetically moves from clear, precise imaging to layers of steam, ambiguity and possibility while examining the global interconnectedness of such strong, yet ultimately fragile and threatened landscapes.