1_astral-projections title-page2
2_dodobird eclipse
3_puffinwith orangecloud
4_yellow-eyed penguin-on-another-planet
5_waterbeetle aerialphoenix
7_turkey vultureanddebris
35_humanoid robot-spherefinal
8_western burrowingowl
9_harbourseal cloud-with-puppet-warp
10_artic-fox final-circle2
11_desert jack-rabbit
12_hamptons paintedtiger-moth
13_human-fetus japanese-moon-map
14_bottlenose dolphin
15_meadowlark globe
16_tarantual inthesky
18_rattlesnake inspace
19_coral-reef-and antique-map-of-moon
21_bighorn sheep
22_rhesus-monkey and-atom-with-electrons
23_polarbear cloudbig
24_gyrfalcon cloud
25_ladybug atom
26_gila monster
27_painted redstart-warbler
28_snowy egret-and-cosmos
29_bobcat and-mouse
30_snail and-big-bang
31_jellyfishwith auroraborelis
32_coyote and-rosette-nebula
33_pelican and-blue-sun
34_moneky and-man-in-moonlight
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Astral Projections are a suite of photographic drawings, inspired by Edward. O Wilson’s eloquent writings on the loss of biodiversity and animal extinction, and are comprised of found and original photographs of species, some endangered, some extinct, some observed, while in residence at the Biosphere 2. I position them as spirits in the great cosmos, both as constellation and robot, creating a beautiful, colorful, musical lament that envisions these spirits are with us still.

An astral projection will occur when the physical body is in great jeopardy, causing the physical body to separate from the spirit body. The spirit body is then capable of traveling outside into realms unknown to the tangible world. A common belief is that the astral body is attached to the physical body by means of a metallic silver cord.

This cord becomes reminiscent of the spectacular manmade structure of the Biosphere 2’s lattice space frame designed by a protégé of Frank Lloyd Wright, that is a direct descendant of Buckminster Fuller’s geodesic designs and supports B2’s 6,500 windows.

Astral bodies and their associated planes of existence believe the individual is a microcosm that is of nature and are but a small particle within the systems of the universe. The endangerment and loss of multitudes of species, both flora and fauna, are one part of the great web of life along side all other living beings, that once gone, can never be replaced.