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Saturday, July 23
9:30am-5:00pm; $150

Spaceships! Robots! Biospheres Under Glass!
Come and explore the future with artist Judy Natal, recent artist in residence at Biosphere 2, to create mixed media art work based on discussions, slides, and hands on workshop of drawing, painting and collages about the future. Explore your imaginations and the stories you want to share, to visualize what the future might look like! The Biospherians did it and you can too! Participants are encouraged to bring art making and recycled materials, such as old family and pet photos, old toys, computer parts, magazines, recycled paper, sheet music, wall paper, etc. Don’t go out and spend money, just gather up what you have around the house. DO bring your imaginations! We will start there. Be prepared to be provoked into thinking about what 2050 might look like!

Visual Studies Workshop Summer Institute
31 Prince Street
Rochester New York

Judy Natal

Monday through Friday, July 25-29
9:30am-5:00pm; $500

*This course is available for 3 Undergraduate or 2 Graduate credits.

Human ecology is the contemplation of the interrelationships between ourselves and our environment, ourselves and nature. This workshop will cultivate visually aware observations of the natural world and our place in it. By honing a trilogy of deep responses between astute observations of our physical environment, clarifying and interpreting those experiences, and then recording them through the art making process. The final result will be maps that mark, delineate and define these acts of interpreting space, place and the landscape of the natural world. Utilizing photography, drawing, painting, collage, or a combination of any of the four, our results will place ourselves in the midst of the natural world, not separate from it.
In this age of information, the map–an image long associated with information–has increasingly become a means of expression for artists. As a medium, maps allow artists to filter ideas of space, time, and place through personal, local, and global perspectives.

Visual Studies Workshop Summer Institute
31 Prince Street
Rochester New York